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Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Service

Protecting ones business premises and belongings is very important in the present context where crime rates are increasing every day. The commercial enterprise comprises of expensive property, assets, documents and sensitive information, which has to be kept safe.

As a separate legal entity, the assets of the business have to be protected. The safest way to do this is by installing foolproof locks, which debar unauthorized persons from accessing the firm’s offices. A lock will help guard your belongings and in most cases, it will alert the police if there is a break-in. It provides you with a reliable mechanism of protecting your business after the working hours, during holidays or vacations.

From the installation of the right locks to the repairs of an old locking system, you will need to avail a commercial locksmith service. Your locks are designed to disallow any external individuals from entering, which means that if you, yourself, do not have the right means to enter you will not be allowed inside. This can be a little problematic in some circumstances when the lock is broken, you have lost the key or the code or if you have forgotten your smart card or key inside. Sometimes there could be an emergency evacuation and opening a lock quickly is important to save someone’s life.

Another problem in commercial enterprises is the rise in employee theft. This results when workers violate the contract of trust. Locks provide a bulwark against such situations but you need a commercial locksmith service to decide which locks are reliable. Businesses usually require multiple types of locks such as locks for safes or cash vaults, grill and shutter locks, door locks etc. a good commercial locksmith service will assist you in installation and service of all kinds of locks.

Benefits of Using London Secure Locks Service

There are several benefits of using commercial locksmith service from London Secure Locks.

  1. London Secure Locks, deals in top quality locks systems only. It has a range of best-selling locks, provided with manufacturer’s guarantee for replacing parts.
  2. Our locksmiths will also help upgrade your locks and advice you on the type of locking system which will suit your budget and safety requirements.
  3. The commercial locksmith service comes with a 12 months guarantee; during which if the locks malfunction you will be provided with a replacement service promptly.
  4. The service is provided round the clock and in cases of emergency, our commercial locksmiths are only a phone call away. London Secure Locks prides itself on its swift and efficient service.
  5. It offers the most economical solutions with prices up to 10% less than those available in the market.
  6. The locks installed by our company completely meet the legal and industrial standards.

If you want to guarantee the safety and security of your firm from all internal and external threats you should opt for London Secure Locks for obtaining complete and flawless system of defense.  Opting for our commercial locksmith service is the wisest investment against all thefts and burglaries.

Domestic Locksmith Service

Domestic Locksmith Service

Your domestic sphere is somewhere you should feel safe and at ease; a place where you can relax without any external vexations to bother you. The entire concept of a walled home is to offer you privacy and protection against the outside world. It is the living space which represents your personal autonomy and choice. For most people their home represents a safe haven and they feel more secure having all their belongings around.

However, there are times when the boundaries of your walls are not enough to protect you from thefts or burglaries. Most people counter this threat by installing foolproof locks either mechanical or electric which function to offer maximum protection against all potential break-ins. If you have installed the best quality lock system currently, it will be impossible for any outsider to enter without your permission.

However, it also means that you cannot surpass the security protocol yourself unless you have the right code, the keys, or the authorization. Sometimes you might even need a domestic locksmith service to enter your own house.

Problems with Locks

Even though locks are designed to protect you, it is true that sometimes you might be locked outside your own home. Our domestic locksmith service functions to serve such contingencies. Common problems which you might face are as follows:

  • Forgetfulness: If you have accidently forgotten your keys inside and locked the door or if you cannot remember the code of your lock then you would require the domestic locksmith service to open the locks.


  • Broken keys: Sometimes due to extreme temperatures, mostly in winters, your keys might break in half or get jammed in halfway before the door opens.


  • Locked out: You could be locked out of your house in case you didn’t bring the keys along or you left them at some other place. This can also happen if only one member has the keys to the house and the rest could end up being locked out.


  • Lock Malfunction: Sometimes the lock itself might malfunction or not open. This can happen if it is jammed or broken from inside.


A single solution to all these problems is a domestic locksmith service, which you can avail 24 hours a day to address the concerns of your locks. London Secure Locks provides the best domestic locksmith service. No matter where you are or what problem you are facing with the lock system of your house, we have the perfect solution for you. Through experience and specialized appliances we offer a quick service in case of an emergency.

Our domestic locksmith service is nonpareil in terms of quality and pricing. We offer economical solutions for fixing your lock system and even upgrading it.

Our expert technicians will offer you valuable advice on how to install failsafe locking systems to prevent burglaries in future. You can easily get your locks repaired or even purchase better locks. We specialize in unbolting all types of locks available in the market, whether it uses a mechanical contraption or a digital code, we can unlock it as fast as possible.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems for Safeguarding Your Possessions

Safety in the physical and digital world is a growing concern because there are continuous breaches of security happening every second of the day around us. Protecting yourself against these threats would require you to invest in a resilient, long-lasting and ingenious system of controls and locks which would prevent unauthorized access.

Access control systems can be installed to restrict access to a certain area or resource. Such systems use code, digital thumbprints, retina scans, magnetic cards or any other form of recognition to allow only authorized persons access to a certain area. After gaining access, the authorized personnel can use the resource or enter the restricted area. Access control systems are installed to protect sensitive information and prohibit unknown people from entering. These also prevent thefts and illegal information retrieval.

Such systems are usually installed in the commercial or domestic spheres. These provide protection to people, property and other assets. Controls are usually geographical in nature which means that they are placed on or around a certain sensitive area such as the firm’s premises and are installed on points of entry or exit to the area. The system requires authorized persons to use their identity, their knowledge or some item to access to area.

  • Identity: Fingerprint, retina scan, voice recognition.
  • Knowledge: A code the user can remember, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password.
  • Item: A key, an identity card, a magnetic card.

The Best Solution: London Secure Locks

Locks remain one of the most failsafe components of an access control system. London Secure Locks presents its clients with state-of-the-art and advanced lock systems which would prevent unauthorized access at all times. Our company analyzes and evaluates the specific needs of the customers and suggests appropriate security solutions. For instance, the installation of an access control system for a school will be different from that for a pharmaceutical lab.

Our company uses the top quality locks in order to provide you with maximum safety. Heavy-duty and durable locks minimize the chances of lock malfunction which can compromise your safety. For a particular set of locks you can even purchase parts and obtain warranty for up to 2 years depending on the manufacturer you chose. The access control systems service provided by our company will have a warranty of 12 months.

Professionals at London Secure Locks give you a comprehensive plan for installing different kinds of locks such as CCTV cameras, window locks, digital mechanical locks and emergency alarms to reinforce your safety.

London Secure Locks provides top quality service in the most reasonable rate to customers throughout London. Clients can easily contact our staff and acquire information and pricing details about the access control systems they are interested in. Our services are available throughout the day for any sort of problems the clients might face. In particular the commercial and domestic locksmith service ensures that customers are protected even if they are locked out of the premises or if the locking system itself malfunctions during an emergency. With London Secure Locks, you are only a step away from obtaining perfect protection.

CCTV Systems

Round the Clock Security with CCTV Systems

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of the modern era. A number of devices and mechanisms have been instated to stall the threats on security. Prior to the digital era, manpower and physical barriers were used to safeguard an area against dangers. Today it is virtually impossible and inefficient to have a guard positioned at every door and entrance. People have to rely on cost-effective and reliable means of protection, which are available throughout the day. For protecting yourself against thefts, burglaries and unauthorized access to certain areas, CCTV systems are now widely used. These have effectively revolutionized the way security was perceived.

What is a CCTV System?

A Closed-Circuit Television system uses the mechanism of transmitting video signals to specified monitors at another place. It uses a system of cameras and monitors to observe and record activities in certain areas. CCTV cameras can be placed almost anywhere and the operator could see what is happening through the camera on his or her screen.

CCTV systems are used for surveillance of an area for potentially harmful or criminal activity. By observing the monitors the operator could detect any suspicious actions and report it to the police promptly. This way he does not endanger himself because the perpetrator is never aware of the presence of the camera. Installing CCTV systems also deters people from committing crimes altogether because the video will contain their complete physical profile gender, age, features etc.

CCTV systems are used to prevent crimes in public spheres and can even be installed for domestic use. Another application is in the industrial sphere where it is important to keep a check on industrial processes and CCTV cameras relay information back to the control room. CCTV cameras are widely used in shopping malls, on roads, subways, ATM machines etc.

Advantages of Using a CCTV System

There are several advantages of using a CCTV system from London Secure Locks.

  1. Such a mechanism allows you to keep a record or evidence of all ongoing activity. This means that if there is a criminal proceeding against the perpetrator you will always have a hard proof against him or her. Videos allow easy identification of the criminals too.
  2. Another advantage is that the operator can survey several areas at once by sitting in the control room. His physical presence everywhere is not essential.
  3. Your workforce or clients would feel safer if they are operating in the presence of a CCTV camera. For instance in banks or in ATMs it is essential to have CCTV camera to feel safe.
  4. A CCTV system works 24 hours a day and physical presence of the operator is not essential all the time. This means that you can view the footage afterwards too for instance if you are on a holiday.
  5. CCTV cameras ensure standards of professional conduct are met at the workplace; the chances of embezzlement, harassment or misconduct are reduced. Keeping an eye on workers in factories or industries also ensure that quality control standards are being met.

By installing a CCTV system from London Secure Locks your safety will be guaranteed.


How do Safes Ensure Domestic Security?

In your home, you might have some valuables like some extra cash, your savings, jewelry, expensive gifts, bonds, certificates, house documents and other small expensive items, which you usually try to keep safe. These items are usually small and pricey and you need to take special care in hiding them at such a place so that it could not be easily found or stolen. Usually people keep such items in a special drawer or box and lock it up. Such a mechanism does not guarantee safety if someone simply steals the whole box or breaks the lock. Another issue is that the items may be very delicate and your drawer or a bag is not the right place to keep it where these might be damaged or lost. This is especially true for documents or contracts, which are spoiled by folding.

In such circumstances, investing in good, durable and robust safes is the best solution. A safe would ensure that all your items are kept as safely as possible in their exact condition. It is the best place to store your delicate jewelry and your important documents. A safe serves as a separate cupboard for your expensive items; it usually employs a system of digital or mechanical lock to prevent unauthorized access to your items. Unlike the lock on your closet, the locking system in a safe is highly sophisticated and complex. It usually has a built-in system for disabling the door entirely if someone tries to enter different incorrect codes several times.

Safes should be kept at such a place that is not too visible or obvious to the potential burglar. You should also try to be covert about the existence of a safe in your house; chances are that if the thief does not know you have a safe they will only pillage your closets or petty cash reserves in a drawer.

Another aspect is that safes protect your valuable from different types of natural hazards like fires or floods. You can even keep memorable items like photos, diaries or letters to preserve them against a potential disaster. Most safes can even be installed in the wall to function like a small cupboard. Even if you are not at home and there is a burglary, a thief would find it impossible to break the sturdy veneer of a London Secure Locks safe.

If you install an alarm system and other safety mechanisms with your safes then your neighborhood and the police can be easily notified if someone tries to break the safe. Appliances and all other types of valuables can be bought again, but things like your past savings, important mementos, and original documents are irredeemable. If you are not comfortable keeping your items in your home then you should get a safe at your nearest bank.

For domestic security, safes are indispensable for the storage and protection of valuable items. London Secure Locks provides its customers with a wide range of security solutions so that they are better equipped against all forms of threats. Purchasing a safe is like making an investment in the safekeeping of your belongings.

Grills & Gates

Security Grills for Home and Workplace

Our home is your personal haven of safety and security. It serves as a sanctuary where you can relax and be at peace from the external concerns of the world. Most people furnish their houses with expensive items and appliances and they have vaults for keeping their jewelry or some amount of cash in the house.

Protection for your life, property and possessions is very important within the premises of your house. With burglaries and thefts on an alarmingly high rate, it is essential to have a system of physical and digital security in place, which would deter crime.

In modern times, the system of digital security has been highly modified and upgraded to provide round the clock protection to people and their assets. A good system of alarms, CCTV cameras and smart cards all help ensure the safety and security of the inhabitants during day and night.

However, the importance of physical restraints to crime cannot be undermined. Mechanisms like foolproof padlocks and sturdy grills are some important physical security systems, which provide security against entrance of the burglar or intruder.

Importance of Grills

Grills are usually placed at points of exit and entry in the building. These are made from strong and unbending metal, which ensures that the intruder cannot easily enter the building. A grill is usually secured with a heavy lock or bolted properly so that it cannot be opened unless the person has the keys. Grills protect the premises from unwanted people after working hours. These can also be used in a house to prevent burglars from coming in.

Previously a door lock was considered sufficient, but breaking a wooden door or picking a lock is not a big feat for the modern thief. A grill is by far the only mechanism that will not break easily. Doors are not the only pathway inside a building; windows are a favorite breaking-in location for burglars. Grills for the windows also ensure that no one can enter inside through windows.

Grills are extremely essential in the modern context when interior and exterior decoration is more inclined towards using glass doorframes and full glass windows in businesses and at homes. Even though glass looks aesthetically pleasing and gives an aura of openness in the space, it is not a reliable mode of protection against crime. Businesses do not have to compromise on the aesthetic elements of their building but the wise approach would be to invest in London Secure Locks grills for all doors and windows.

Our company has a system of providing the highest quality grills which are resistant to breakage and rust. These grills will ensure that no one can enter your premises without your permission. Another benefit is that you can have an alarm system installed alongside which will ensure that in case someone tries to break through the grills or enters forcefully everyone will be alerted through an efficient alarm system. Grills will also require good quality locks to keep it closed at night or after work hours. All of the security contraptions are easily available from London Secure Locks.


Better Doors, Safer Surroundings

In any building, there are specified paths for entry and/or exit, which usually require a door. The purpose of the door is to open to allow entrance and to remain closed otherwise. Doors are used to grant people access into an area.

Different types of doors can be installed in an area, for instance the door for entrance in the house is different from the main gate and the doors of the rooms. The main gate is larger and made from sturdier material while door inside the house focus more towards aesthetics or soundproofing. Garage doors on the other hand are also made from metal and these can be either automatic or manual. Doors can be made from different materials such as metal, wood and even glass.

The key point here is to remember that doors allow entrance into your home, for both wanted and unwanted people. Therefore it is extremely important to take precautions and install safe and secure doors so that unauthorized persons do not enter.

Most buildings have some sort of security mechanism at the doorways, some use guards to check identity cards and sometimes the designs of the door itself deters people from entering or climbing o the top. Barbed wires and sharp pointed borders on top of the door deter entrance. Mechanical doors on the other hand are much safer because these will use a system of locks and alarm to disallow intruders from breaking in. Such doors can be installed in firms, schools, shopping malls, universities, government agencies etc. in order to control the number of people who can access the area.

Doors that use a smart card have a magnetic strip reader installed; these detect the information on the card and open the door if the person is authorized to enter. Some doors can require people to enter a code or use their biometric information to enter.

In addition to this having various other door accessories like a good mechanical lock that uses a key, a peephole, door bars and chains with locks are also essential things which can help you prevent people from entering your home, apartment or office.

If a potential burglar is unable to enter your home or he/she cannot break-in easily then you have are effectively preventing a crime and safeguarding your life. A good door might even give you enough time to call the police. You are not safe behind something which can be broken with just a kick.

The lock is not the only part of the door which is important. The overall quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and the hinges will also ensure your safety. The services of London Secure Locks are nonpareil in this regard. It provides people across London door fitting and carpentry services at the most economical rates.

London Secure Locks is a well-established firm, known for its single-minded focus towards preserving and fostering the safety of its clients. It has a range of other access control systems, alarms and CCTV cameras which can be used in conjunction with good doors, to provide you with holistic safety.

Alarm Systems

Why should you Install Alarm Systems

Keeping your possessions and property safe is a primary right of every individual. The basic definition of personal property derives its essence from that fact that there is no violation by another party because there is enough for everyone to own. In the present context, crime is ubiquitous and people have seriously considered upgrading their systems of defense in order to undermine criminal activity.

Technology has made it easier to prevent and detect crimes. Padlocks, cameras, access control systems and all other safety contraptions work in unison to create an environment of safety and tranquility. Whether you are at home or at work, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a crime by investing in the right type of security system. One such ingenious mechanism is that of the alarm systems.

An alarm system employs sound to alert people if there has been some form of unauthorized access to an area. Alarms are usually loud and blaring so that they can be heard in the surrounding areas. It is a signal for intruder alert and usually works in conjunction with lights so that the intruder could be identified and stopped in time. Some alarm systems can also be connected to door locks in the entrance or exit. For instance if an intruder enters a particular area and the alarm goes off, the door lock will also get disabled so that he/she cannot escape. Such alarm systems are more complex.

The Advantages of Having Alarm System

  • There are many benefits if you have an alarm system installed in our home and workplace, this is because most other devices like CCTV cameras can only record crime and sometimes notify you, but an alarm system on the other hand will create enough noise so that you would be alerted immediately.
  • Another advantage is that most crimes take place in the darkness and silence of the night, the commotion cause by an alarm will not only notify the police but it will also throw the perpetrator into a state of panic and it might even deter them from undertaking the burglary.
  • Alarm systems are also important because they can wake people up and apprise them of a crime being committed; it gives them reasonable time to take an action or even call the police.
  • An alarm system is not only effective in preventing break-ins but these can also be installed to detect smoke and prevent potential fire hazards.
  • Alarm systems impose a sense of fear and prevent crimes from happening. If a criminal is aware that the house or firm has an alarm system chances are they will not try to break in.

Alarm Systems from London Secure Locks

Currently the best alarm systems are available at London Secure Locks. Our company provides clients with the best quality security appliances which helps prevent and detect crime on a domestic and commercial scale. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day and you are just a phone call away from completely immunizing your home against all sorts of thefts.

Exit and Panic Locks

Getting to know Exit Hardware

Exit hardware also known as panic hardware is a vital type of hardware found on commercial doors. This exit hardware is designed to provide quick and hassle free exit especially in the case of an emergency. The exit hardware comprises of different devices like door alarms, break glass bolts, emergency bolts, paddle handles, panic latches and many more. All these devices are specially designed to provide quick manual exit and hence prove to be essential in the safety of precious lives and property.

Two of the greatest pieces of exit hardware are the panic bolt and panic latch. Panic bolts and latches are used in place of the standard doorknobs and handles. These panic bolts and panic latches allow one to be able to open the door even though it may be locked from the outside. Just a gentle push on the panic bolt or panic latch is enough to provide a means of exit. Panic bolts and latches can save precious lives during emergencies by helping people exit in a quick and efficient manner. These exit devices can easily be used by children as well as the elders.

These exit devices have an advantage since they can also be used to restrict access to certain parts of the building. With the ability to be opened only from the inside, one can control the access wherever they are installed. Doors that have these exit devices installed cannot be open by people from the outside. Therefore, those doors also prove to be useful in the case of an emergency when they serve as emergency exits.

Touch bars as their name implies, also provide a means to exit with a touch on the bar. Again this piece of hardware is easy to use and can provide quick exit. Door alarms are also a significant part of exit hardware. Though these devices are not physically used to provide a means of exit, they serve as essential signals. These door alarms will ring in the case of an emergency exit thereby creating a sense of awareness in the building. This awareness is extremely important and can help save lives since people will be alert.

All the exit hardware can be easily installed and does not require any fancy training. The great feature of exit hardware is that it is intuitive and hence a person will automatically be able to figure out how to use it. After all, that is the purpose of exit hardware to provide people with added security and help them to exit in an effective manner.

Access control systems

Proximity Access in the Security World

Access controls systems are becoming pervasive by the day. These systems are required to provide secure and controlled access to a business or any other workplace where restricted access is of vital concern. A modern sophistication of an access control system is the proximity access system. Proximity access incorporates the use of credentials in the form of proximity cards. These cards are then read by a card reader that grants or denies access to the cardholder.

Though a proximity access system may prove to be a little costly, there are great deals available for customers. Customers will never be disappointed with the use of these card systems and will soon realize how the money pays off. Proximity security systems provide peace of mind by offering highly secure and controlled access. The proximity cards that serve as keys are not easily duplicated and therefore aid in security. The card readers are also too sophisticated to be easily hacked into.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are not expensive to purchase and come in many different styles. They have a regular card shape and look very similar to a magnetic stripe card. They slightly differ in their working as compared to magnetic stripe cards. A magnetic stripe card holds information on the magnetic stripe whereas information is stored in small chips inside proximity cards. The computer chip does the wonders by transmitting the data to the card reader.

Proximity cards are being used by countless businesses worldwide since they prove to be very convenient. These cards not only control the access to physical areas but also provide controlled access to computer networks and resources. Some proximity cards or tokens can be read by the card reader without physically having to place them near the reader.

Hands-free Proximity Interfaces

Hands-free proximity interfaces are excellent systems that make it easier to gain access. The card or token can be read from a pocket or handbag without even having to take it out. The ease of use along with quick and hassle-free access proves to be very convenient for the elderly and disabled people. Hands free card readers also prove to be of great use with loading doors, barriers and gates that restrict access.

The Paxton Access manufacturers specialise in offering controlled access systems. There systems are of superior quality and can definitely be counted on. There is no need to be tech savvy in order to use these systems since they are intuitive and hence incredibly easy to operate. The Net2 Software provides the base for the Paxton Access systems and can effectively be installed on different workstations.

Proximity Card Readers

Proximity card readers are the little powerful machines that interpret the card data and control access. These card readers are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions since they often have to be placed outside. Proximity card readers are easy to install and are robust in nature.

A proximity card reader also eliminates the worry of power back up and provides to be very efficient and maintenance free.

Bullet, Garage and Vehicle Locks

What you need to know about Bullet, Garage and Vehicle Locks

Locks are used for security purposes and we can definitely count on them for providing assistance in the security of our precious assets. There are so many different types of locks available in the market and choosing the right one can be rather intimidating. This article will discuss three different types of locks and their purpose along with area of use. These are the bullet, garage and vehicle locks respectively.

Bullet Locks

A bullet lock works with a roller shutter. These bullet locks can be used for shutter doors, internal doors and even cupboards. The bullet lock works by sliding into the right housing that needs to be secured onto the roller shutter. The housing is required to be welded on to the outer frame so that it can fit perfectly in place. Bullet locks can work effectively with doors as well as shutters to prevent them from opening. There are different types of bullet locks available but the most common and easiest to install are the round and oval bullet locks.

Garage Locks

Securing garages has become vital since they provide an easy access for thieves to get into. A garage can be made secure by using garage door locks and handles. These locks and handles will really aid in the security of your garage and will ensure that the garage cannot be easily broken into. All the keys that are used with the locks can be keyed to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying multiple keys around the house.

One can also use garage door bolts. These door bolts are secured to the main garage door. Garage door bolts come in pairs. One lock is fitted to each side of the garage door and single key is used to operate the locks. These provide great security and can be installed with little effort making them very convenient to use.

One can also use garage defenders.  Garage defenders provide a method of beefing up the security. These garage defenders are manufactured for use with up and over garage doors. The defenders are secured in front of the doors to restrict access. This form of security is one that will definitely give you peace of mind. Though they are a bit pricey, they are worth every penny.

Vehicle Locks

Vehicle locks are extremely vital in securing your personal vehicles. Though vehicles come with their own default lock system, these locks may need replacement over time. A vehicle is a valuable asset and if you own a luxury car, your vehicle has a higher risk of theft. This risk can be eliminated with the use of reliable lock protection. These vehicle locks are specifically designed for use with different vehicles and model types. They last well in the long run and can be installed with little effort.

Vehicle locks are not cheap but will be worth the purchase. When they are used in combination with extra security features like vehicle alarms, they will successfully provide the best security treatment that your vehicle deserves.

Cabinet and Cam Locks

How you can benefit from cabinet locks and cam locks?

Cabinets are designed to hold personal and confidential resources. Whether those cabinets are at a residence or in a workplace, chances are that they will hold many important documents. These important documents may be bank statements, insurance letters, tax records, certificates, driving licenses and other private documents. One would definitely not want any intruder to gain access to them and hence would require them to be kept safe. This is where cabinet locks play an essential role.

Security of cabinets cannot be compromised. Even if a single important document goes missing. There are many cabinet locks available for use with all sorts of cabinets. These locks are supplied with keys that are used to operate the locks. Cabinet lock installation is not rocket science and the locks can be installed within minutes. Before you purchase a cabinet lock, ensure that the lock is compatible with the type of cabinet that you require it for.

Thinking of a great way to childproof your cabinets? Lock them! Cabinet locks prove to be lifesavers when one has little children in the house. Children love to wander around the house and open draws and cabinets to get hold of anything that was hidden from them. Cabinet locks will prevent them from getting to your personal documents and misplacing any important documents.

Imagine coming home to a display of your documents destroyed by your pets. It would definitely not be a pretty sight and would leave you helpless. Pet owners will also benefit from cabinet locks since pets are great inquirers and can gnaw at your documents within a fraction of seconds. Cabinet locks do not guarantee that your cabinets will be completely safe. However, they do reduce the risk of people gaining access to your personal resources. Always keep the cabinet lock keys in a safe place. It is better to make duplicate keys, just in case you lose the original ones.

Cam locks are commonly used to lock file cabinets but can also lock other furnishings like drawers and desks. These locks are available in different sizes and finishes depending on individual needs. Stainless steel locks are offer weather resistance and hence can be used outdoors. Small or miniature cam locks are very affordable and prove to be convenient in small space usage applications. Cam locks of a larger size are generally more robust and hence offer increased security.

Cam locks are very versatile locking devices. Schools can use these locks to secure the student lockers and hence prevent theft. These locks can also be used with casino machines to keep the money safe. Vending machines, display panels and even ATMs can benefit from the use of cam locks. Cam locks are of simple functionality are extremely powerful and can be installed on many applications

Cabinet locks and cam locks both are fairly simple locking devices that can prove to be very efficient. These locks are not supplied with hefty price tags and offer a hassle-free installation.

Door Locks

Make the best of your doors with door locks

Door locks play a pivotal role in the security of your residence. Burglars always have updated techniques of breaking into a person’s house but you can constrain their ability to do so. Different levels of security offered by door locks can help you beef up the security of your home. There are countless types of door locks available in the market. These locks can be used individually or paired with other locks to take the security to a higher level. Majority of the door locks can be installed with little effort.

Let’s consider a scenario involving a person at your doorstep. You may not want to fully open the door since it involves a risk of an intruder barging into your residence. Door chains play vital roles in such scenarios and prove to be ideal for the elderly. A door chain allows you to open the door just enough to get a peek of the person at the door. These chains aid in security since they constrain the access to some extent. However, it is important that these chains are not used alone and paired with good door locks. Door limiters and door bars work on the same concept.

Door Bolts are a form of door hardware that is basically used to fasten the doors in place. Not all door bolts provide a locking system but door bolts can be used to lock doors internally. Mortice  locks are the other option there are 2 types, the sash deadlock which use a handle and key and the standard deadlock which is key operated only, usually found as extra security on a house front door.

Door Viewers are great in enhancing the security of your home. Door viewers can be thought of as an upgrade to the traditional door chain systems. A door viewer is more secure than a door chain since one does not even have to open the door. This door hardware allows you to see who is at your door, before you even open it. You can see the person standing at the doorstep through a small peephole that has a lens. The wide-angle lens ensures that you can get a good view of the person at the doorstep.

Patio doors are the most common access points for burglars. There are 2 main types, standard wooden doors and UPVC multi point, wooden are the weaker of the 2 the lock fitted are pataio push bolts which can be forced open with the minimum of force, the second option is UPVC multi point whick locks at 3 points on the door, top middle and bottom making the door much more secure.

Regardless of the types of doors in your home or work places, a locksmith will be able to offer you extra options if needed.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder Lock options

Cylinder locks are mechanical locks that are commonly in use by many households. These locks are also called barrel locks and come in a variety of sizes and types. Cylinder locks include Single Cylinders, Double Cylinders, Screw-In Cylinders, Evva Cylinders, Key and Turn Cylinders and many others. There type actually determines the way they function along with the type of cylinder that the lock has.

The locking mechanism that the cylinder locks are based on, make them very efficient to use. These locks fit easily into doors and provide a hassle-free lock system. Cylinder locks have a key chamber in to which the key is inserted. The pins inside the lock have a predefined access format that constrains access to keys other than the correct one.  Ease of use is a factor that makes cylinder locks a favourite to use. These locks are ideal for entry and exits at homes and small workplaces. A cylinder lock successfully provides safe, hassle-free and rapid access.

There are different types of cylinder locks available. A few of them are mentioned below:

Double Cylinders

Double Cylinder locks are also known as euro Double Cylinder and are usually found on residential doors. These types of locks have a keyhole on each side of the cylinder. These locks do not come with thumb-turn handles, one can have access only with the key. Double Cylinder locks provide excellent security when used with glass panel doors. The locks can be installed easily without any assistance.

Screw-In Cylinders

Screw-In cylinder locks are designed to be used with aluminium doors and are often in brass, satin and a nickel finish. They are best suited for commercial purposes and are often found in shop doors. These locks can be supplied in pairs and can also be keyed alike depending on a customer’s preferences. A Screw-In Cylinder lock can also be supplied with a master key. Thumb-Turn Screw-In Cylinder locks provide a better appeal.

Evva Cylinders

The Evva Cylinder locks are based on a mechanical master key system or recorded key system to a certain signature that provides customers with optimal security. Evva is a leading lock security brand and serves as a one-stop shop that offers customers with different types of cylinder locks for use around the home as well as for commercial purposes. These types of locks need to be installed by expert technicians.

Key and Turn Cylinders

Key and Turn cylinder locks are visually more appealing than other types of cylinder locks. These locks have a thumb turn handle on one side and a key on the other side. These types of locks are perfect for use with internal doors and can be keyed alike as well as keyed to differ. Key and turn cylinder locks are available in a brass, polished or satin chrome finish.

Cylinder locks can be keyed different, keyed alike or master keyed depending on a customer’s personal preference. Keyed different locks require distinct keys. When the locks are keyed alike, one key can be used to access many different cylinder locks. A master keyed system is used to reduce the need for multiple keys for multiple doors, 1 key  works all.

Rim Locks & Latches

Rim locks & Latches- Safety Locks for your Doors

Door lock devices are very essential in the safety of a household or workplace. The doors are the most vulnerable access points that burglars look out for. Therefore securing them with the right door hardware is vital. There are countless door lock devices available on the market. Some are based on the traditional lock mechanisms and others are sophisticated electronic systems. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable solution, rim locks and latches are ideal to use. Rim locks and latches are widely available and can be purchased without having to break the bank.

Rim locks and door latches are traditional style locks and have been around for quite some time now. Rim locks and door latches serve as great door hardware that aid in enhancing the security. A variety of different rim locks and door latches can be used with all sorts of doors. They are not like mortice locks and are secured on to the surface of the doors. Rim locks and latches do not work on their own. They have to be purchased with doorknobs and other door hardware that are available from most lock suppliers.

Rim locks are attached to the inside of a door. In order to open the door from the inside, one has to turn the latch. The outside of the door has the keyhole. A key is to be used if one requires opening the door from the outside. Doors with these locks are locked automatically if they are latched shut whilst a person leaves. An important point to consider is the fact that rim locks do not provide efficient security on their own. They have to be paired with other locks in order to provide an effective security solution.

There are many different types of rim locks available these days. One can use a bit of creativity and purchase rim locks that complement the rooms. They can be purchased in a variety of different styles and finishes to match the interior of the rooms. Victorian style rim locks are also available in the market. These locks effortlessly help add a touch of class to the rooms that they are used in. Digital rim locks are also available that are based on an electronic or mechanical password security system. These locks are sophisticated and eliminate the need for keys.

Door latches work as fasteners and are also used to help secure the doors. Again, these are not solely to be used and require additional door hardware. When paired with door locks, these latches provide an effective locking system. There are many different types of latches available in the market. A locksmith can provide you with assistance on the types of latches that you will need. Rim locks and latches are also supplied together. Purchasing them as a whole lock system makes it easier since one does not have to waste time finding out the type of latches to be used with the rim locks.

BS3621 Mortice Locks and deadlocks

British standard  Mortice Locks and Deadlocks

Mortice locks are a very common deadlocks especially the BS3621 5 lever mortice lock, because they are required as a minimum by insurance companies. This is due to the vast amount of benefits they brings in strengthening the security. A mortice lock is a rather sophisticated lock that works exceptionally well with wooden doors. The term “mortice” refers to the hole or pocket in which the lock is to be fit. This mortice has to be cut into the wooden door and hence installation of this lock requires assistance from a locksmith.

Mortice locks are firm and provide a traditional antique appeal.  These locks come in a variety of different types and finishes. The locks are aesthetically more pleasing to the eye in contrast to the regular types of locks and hence are a favourite to use at home. They also come in many different sizes for use with all types of wooden doors. It is always better to get advice from a locksmith that can help you purchase the correct size of mortice lock for your door.

These locks are based on a regular lever mechanism that makes them fairly simple in their functioning. The fact that they have to be fit into a special mortice makes them very robust and hence great in preventing burglaries. If one has to install more than one mortice lock, they can be keyed alike for personal convenience. The keyed alike facility makes it easier to operate the locks since they can all be unlocked with the same key.

The locks can also be latched from the outside as well as the inside thereby allowing to them to serve as dual locks. This makes them very secure and hence difficult to unlock without a key. Mortice locks are also supplied as keyless entry devices. Mortice locks are often found in domestic homes on front doors, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Mortice locks can be paired with other door hardware enabling them to provide a stronger safety system. Therefore, feel free to use them with door knobs, levers and handles of your choice. Do not attempt to install these locks unless you haven previous experience. A Locksmiths will make sure that the hardware is properly installed and therefore the risk of compromising the mortice lock is avoided.

Although the mortice locks are known to weaken the wooden doors into which they are installed, it does not imply that the doors will be easy to break in to. Mortice locks work better than cylindrical locks and are great for use at front doors. The mortice locks are an ideal pick for people that require reliable safety solutions, without having to break the bank. These locks work as effective as the latest electronic security devices and easily help beef up the safety of a household or workplace.

Securing a household could have never been easier. Install a few mortice locks and keep intruders at bay.