Frequently Asked Questions.

I am locked out the door has slammed shut

This is one of our most common situations London secure locks deals with, it is very common in London as there are over 8 million people. It often requires an emergency call out of one of our locksmiths who should be able to get you in within a couple of minutes with no damage at all to your door or lock. There are many ways to open latch locks one of the most common is to pick the lock using tools that mimic the key, this requires skill and persistence.

Have you Lost your keys?

Loosing keys from theft or an accident can be very stressful, especially if you have lost personal effects that connect your keys to an address. The simplest and safest thing to do is to call an emergency locksmith to change your locks and issue new keys. This can be done anytime of day but you will often find it is cheaper to do it within normal working hours. If you are at the property waiting for the locksmith to arrive and feel unsafe, a common trick is to insert a key from the inside into the lock, this will mean anyone trying to insert a key from the outside and gain entry will not be able to do so.

The key is stuck and will not unlock the door

This is very common situation that a tenant or resident might find them self in.

  • You have the wrong key
  • The lock is jammed due to debre or wood
  • The curtain in side the deadlock keyhole has turned preventing the key for being inserted
  • The door is warped or jammed preventing the bolt form moving freely
  • The snib (button on the inside, on the latch) has broken or slipped into the locked position, dead locking the latch completely
  • The key has bent or broken teeth
  • There is a broken piece of key in the cylinder
  • One of the pins inside the cylinder has broken preventing the key for being inserted

The Locks and keys need to be replaced

Working in London, we find this is one of the most common task we undertake, there are many reason why our clients need this doing, the most common is simply because the property has changed hands and the new tenants require this do be done for piece of mind. The other is the tenant has been the victim of crime and the keys have been stolen. The third one is the owners of the property wish to have the locks changed to high security ones, meaning that to have new keys cut there needs to be a signed letter of authorisation by the owners. This restricts key cutting to the owners only, controlling access to the property to certain people, this perfect for people renting property’s out to tenants.

There has been a break in

This is very common in London, there are several solutions depending on the damage to the door. If the door is is destroyed and cannot be patched up the best thing to do is to replace it with a new more solid door, the old locks can be re used but it might be worth checking no keys have been stolen. The second is to upgrade all the security on the door, this might include adding an extra deadlock, or hinge bolts or a London bar. These will all help to protect the door form attack. The other option is to a add a metal gate, these may look ugly but they are an excellent deterrent as they are so difficult to bypass.

Access Control

This type of security system is often found in highly populated busy buildings, access control systems help to maintain and restrict areas to certain personnel, helping to eliminate theft and prevent unwanted access to unauthorised people. There are many systems that can be installed, the most common found are the fob system and the code entry system, both very simple to use and can be installed quite easily in most buildings.

  • The Digital keypad (Electronic)
  • The digital lock (mechanical)
  • Fob entry systems
  • finger print systems

CCTV systems

CCTV systems are becoming very popular now as they help reduce insurance premiums and they are a great deterrent to a criminal. There are many systems on the market starting form a couple of hundred pounds to very expensive state of the art systems, also now with advanced smart phones, CCTV systems can actually be installed that will send images live to your hand held device. It is advised before going ahead with a system to have an engineer come out and do a survey and talk you though the options.

Shutters and Grilles

These are great on shop fronts or exposed windows as there are very simple to fit and offer excellent long lasting security at a low cost. Shutters are great on shops as there are very secure and also allow product brand and advertising. Concertina grilles are great on domestic properties as they can be powder painted any colour and they still retract allowing full access to the window if needed.

Completing the job

Upon completing the job, one of our locksmiths will present you with an invoice with a full detailed breakdown of the parts, work carried out and the final cost.

New account customers

We always welcome new account applications so please email us or call for details.
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