Use quality driven rim cylinder locks for residential purpose!

Posted on January 14, 2014 by admin

Security has become one of the most significant factors for people these days. Locks and other security systems have been used since past many decades as they are used now. But keeping with the pace, the lock makers have incorporated the newest and innovative technologies to make good and secure locks. But it is up to the user, that even if they have the best locks, it certainly requires maintenance. The styles, shapes and designs have been changed drastically from time to time. But, on a whole the elementary concept remains the same. Some of the common locks used for residential purposes are rim cylinder locks, mortise locks and tubular cylinder locks, etc. All the three mentioned locks have different inner parts but almost same mechanism.

A mortise lock has a threaded cylinder that links both the sides of the lock. The mechanism is taken in by a box that is concealed by a cover plate. This kind of lock need door knobs in order to use its mechanism. A tubular lock consists of spindles that link the two sides of its mechanism. The key is typically inserted into the handle on its knob or cylinder. The major component of a lock is a latch or bolt that extends from it to the door frame. Whenever the key is turned, the bolt is pulled back into the mechanism. This is the way how the door gets opened.

A rim cylinder lock has a cylinder inside as the name indicates. This particular cylinder extends through the door hole from the outside. An internal cover plate and a latch secure it to the door. The rim locks have one keyhole, which is typically on the exterior. The latch is used to open the lock.

But the most noteworthy point is that, all these types of locks mentioned above have disks, pins or wards. These elements actually prevent the locks from being indecently opened. The owners of the lock and key can insert the key in the right place which will move the tumblers or pins from the closed position to the open position. But, there are times when you get stuck with these locks. This is the time, when you actually need the professionals who can get you out of this weird situation. The lock opening and installing companies are in abundance in London.

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