Professional emergency locksmith in London

Posted on May 09, 2013 by admin

Looking for an emergency locksmith London? Then London Secure Locks is for you. At LSL, we’re staffed by fully-trained professionals who have been in the trade for years. We can assist you with a huge range of different problems. If it involves a lock and key, chances are we can repair it, beating any genuine quote in the process. Some of the most common problems that we are asked to assist with include accidental lock outs and lost keys. If you have accidentally locked yourself out – something that happens to an estimated 400 people a day in Greater London, we can provide you with access quickly, giving you peace of mind without damaging lock or door in any way.

Help with lost keys

Many people call upon an emergency locksmith London after losing their keys. Again, this does tend to occur to more people than you might think. There’s no underestimating how busy London life is, or how easy it can be to misplace your keys. When you call upon one of our locksmiths, we’ll pick or drill the lock. If we drill your lock, it will need to be replaced with a new one, but this way you’ll know that your lost key is completely useless in the hands of anyone who finds it.

Quick problem-solving

Sometimes locks simply reach the end of their lives. If your key no longer moves in the lock, there’s a strong chance that your lock is simply past its best. Other explanations include a broken snib, a warped door or a lack of lubricant. We’ll easily be able to identify what the problem is and help you to solve it when you enlist the help of an emergency locksmith London through us.

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