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Posted on May 08, 2013 by admin

London Secure Locks is proud to offer a range of services to all London residents both domestic and commercial.  We offer total security solutions from key cutting, safe opening to CCTV system installation.  Here is some information you might find useful when enquiring, it includes some of the most common types of locks you will find on most doors.

Key cutting – most keys can be cut on a standard key cutting machines using key blanks, high security keys  will need to be cut on specialist machines designed to cut high security as the keys are more complicated to replicate and are often protected meaning only a signature can authorise the key to be cut, this helps to eradicate unwanted persons copying keys.

Standard rim cylinders – rim cylinders are often used on domestic and commercial properties as they are simple to use and are easy to replace.

Euro cylinders – these cylinders are used on many new buildings with multi lock doors as they are very easy to replace and come in a range of different sizes and measurements.

Oval Cylinders – these also are used with mortice deadlocks or mortice latches on many new domestic and commercial build as they come in a range of sizes and are easy to replace.

Mortice deadlocks – deadlocks are often used on domestic properties, there are a range of types including 2 and 3 lever deadlocks, however most insurance companies will often request BS3621, 5 lever deadlocks to be fitted.

Night latches – Night latches are often used with a rim cylinder on domestic and commercial communal doors, they offer daytime passage and lock automatically when the door is closed adding medium security to the door.

Mechanical Digital Locks – Digital locks are perfect for restricting access to certain people, they are often used in commercial offices allowing only staff who know the code to pass. There are both mechanical and electronic versions of these locks that vary in degrees of security.

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